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Archive for January 2019

Components of Trauma-Informed Care

Patients who have experienced trauma can benefit from emerging best practices in trauma-informed care at Prairie View. These practices involve both organizational and clinical changes that have the potential to improve patient engagement, health outcomes, provider and staff wellness, and decrease unnecessary utilization. Trauma-informed care acknowledges the need to understand a patient’s life experiences. Core…

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Risk Factors for Human Trafficking

Up until the last eight years, human trafficking was something I always thought of as being an issue in third world countries. It was certainly not something that would be a problem in Small Town, Kansas, USA. As I began my work with children who had been on the run, missing, and often exploited, I…

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Increased Risk of Depression Related to Menopause

Menopause is the term given to the period of time when a woman ceases to have menstrual cycles due to a decline in hormones responsible for childbearing. A woman is typically thought to be in menopause after she has gone 12 months without a menstrual period. This transition is not immediate and can often take…

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Artists invited to participate in “A Beautiful View” exhibit

NEWTON, Kan. (January 21, 2019) – Prairie View invites visual artists to submit original work for its fine art fundraiser and exhibition titled “A Beautiful View,” set for June 6. Deadline for all pieces (through digital submission) is April 1. Accepted works will be due May 10. The event will be held from 6:30 to…

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Losing Jesus

If ever there was a modern story, it’s from the Gospel of Luke 2:41-52. First, this text confirms that the parents of Jesus were faithful Jewish people. Every year, it says, they went to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. Every year! To the big city! With a young boy (age 12) in tow, this trip…

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