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Corn Cakes and President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! As I was contemplating a subject and recipe for this week, I did a little research on what the two Presidents who have birthdays this month may have eaten in their day. Though the presidencies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were over 70 years apart, they did share a common love for the corn cake. In Washington’s day, these were called hoe cakes because they were made by heating up a hoe or shovel in the fire and then placing the batter on it to cook. Abe Lincoln often bragged that he could eat corn cakes “faster than two women could make them.”

Posted below is a basic recipe for the cakes, but you can personalize your own creation by what you put on top. Use up what is in your pantry or refrigerator. For a savory topping, sauté onions, mushrooms, garlic and whatever veggie you have leftover this week. Add some cancer-fighting, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage. It is always a good idea to include some dark green leafy vegetables in any dish and this one is no exception. I personally like to add green onions and black beans to my corn cakes and top with roasted green chilies and salsa.

If you would rather have a sweeter dish, you could top them with fruit or jam. Frozen berries or cherries warmed up on the stove and thicken with a little corn starch are a great addition and full of the antioxidants that our cells crave.

Enjoy these yummy corn cakes from the Minimalist Baker this week for breakfast or dinner!