"A Beautiful View"

Fine Art Fundraiser & Exhibition

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Did you ever look through a kaleidoscope as a child? It took small movement in a new direction to create an explosive change of view. When children come to Prairie View, their minds are often in a dark and scary place. They may have experienced the very worst in life and often feel extremely lost and alone. In those dark moments they must focus on small changes. Like looking into a kaleidoscope, the smallest shift away from that darkness will reveal a beautiful view. Prairie View helps them find it.


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JUNE 6, 2019

Funds raised support child and family services and assist with treatment costs for children who are low-income, uninsured or underinsured.

Tickets are $15.00 if ordered in advance; $20 at the door.

Multiple sponsorship levels and incentives are available. Review the information at the link above to learn more.

Prairie View invites visual artists to submit original work for its fine art fundraiser and exhibition. Deadline for all pieces (through digital submission) is April 1, 2019. Accepted works will be due May 10, 2019.

There are no entry fees. First time artists to seasoned artists are welcome to enter. We encourage anyone with a passion for helping those battling mental illness or addictions to support “A Beautiful View” through their stories. Prairie View hopes this event will remind people to look beyond mental illness and discover beauty.

Artists whose works are chosen for the exhibit will be asked to share a short written story of how mental illness or Prairie View impacted their lives. The stories will be displayed alongside the artists’ works.

For details about art sizes, entries, guidelines or sales as well as details on how to enter a two- or three-dimensional art piece, read the “Call for Artists to Exhibit” or contact Eric Schrag at schragej@pvi.org or 316-284-6385.

Here is how to participate:

For children 17 and under:

  • Children can submit artwork with a parent/caregiver involved.
  • With the art work, we need the family to share their story and why this event is important to them. If they don’t feel comfortable writing it, someone can meet with them and capture their story through an interview. (How has their mental health journey affected their family?)
  • Every artist gets 2 free tickets to bring their family and friends to the show.
  • All kids who participate will receive a certificate.

For adults 18 and older:

  • With the art work, we need your story. If you don’t feel comfortable writing it, someone can meet with you and capture your story through and interview. (How has your mental health journey affected your life? or Why is the mission of “A Beautiful View” important to you?)
  • Every artist gets 2 free tickets to bring their family and friends to the show.
  • One piece of work will be selected as the “commemorative image” and used throughout 2019 to help raise awareness about mental health and addictions.
  • Information about selling artwork or donating artwork to Prairie View can be found in the “Call for Artists”. Because this is a charitable fundraiser, artists are required to sell their work at the event.