Life Transitions

Although a lifetime of adaptation and perseverance brings on strength, wisdom and many valuable coping skills, multiple life changes can still be overwhelming.

Prairie View’s Life Transitions Program is an intensive outpatient program designed specifically for older adults to improve quality of life and promote skill development to help cope with various life challenges. Whether you have dealt with depression or anxiety in your past or are currently dealing with them now, the Life Transitions Program may be beneficial to you.

If you’re 55 or older and seeking ways to cope better with life transitions, this program may be for you. In a comfortable, safe and confidential environment, you can feel free to discuss your personal challenges with individuals with similar experiences. You’ll receive an overall assessment of emotional functioning by a qualified mental health professional and education from various community resources that may enhance your coping style. Treatment planning and group themes are designed to meet your specific challenges and goals.


To make an appointment or to obtain more information call 1-800-992-6292 and ask for the specialty area. If a therapist is not immediately available, you may leave a confidential voice mail. Please leave your telephone number, a time when you are available for a call, and whether Prairie View can identify itself when your call is returned. Some initial information will be taken over the telephone and an appointment for an evaluation can be scheduled at that time, if requested.