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Experience transformational teambuilding; communication and leadership skill development; and empower yourself to reach higher than before. Find all of this and more on Prairie View's adventure course.

Our Experiential-Based Training and Development programs consist of unique activities designed to help you discover critical factors in personal and team effectiveness. While using new concepts, you learn to practice more productive attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Confidence, trust and connection grow.

Through our adventure-based programs you achieve learning and insight that isn’t possible from traditional lectures. Led by behavioral health specialists certified in experiential education, you are actively engaged in transformational learning. Training is particularly effective for:

  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Respecting yourself and others
  • Learning to appreciate differences
  • Enhancing motivation and accountability
  • Reinforcing specific learning concepts
  • Prairie View is skilled at matching activities to the needs and goals of the group, to maximize the learning possibilities and leading to lasting results.

Prairie View Adventure Course

We believe that a team working together can achieve any result. Our certified and trained facilitators create a safe and positive learning environment, ensuring nothing less than a transformational experience.

Using 23 low elements and eight high elements on a safety-inspected challenge course, along with games and initiatives, we offer opportunities to practice more productive attitudes and behaviors.

Our Specialties

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Bully Prevention
  • Cooperative Skills
  • Fun
  • Community Building
  • Trust
  • Healthy Risk
  • Problem Solving
  • Relationship Building
  • “Out of the Box” Thinking
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Outcomes



Adventures to Go

Having scheduling problems and can’t make it to our course? Our Adventures to Go program may fit your needs. We will bring our backpack full of goodies and create an experience from an hour to a full day at the location of your choice.

Adventure and recreation packages are designed to meet your needs and budget. We offer affordable prices starting with hourly, half- or full-day rates. We reserve groups seven days a week and any timeframe to fit your needs. For more information about this, or any of our adventure-related programs, call Everett Bradley, director of adventure and recreational services, at 316-284-6365.


Experience transformational team building; communication and leadership skill development; and empower yourself to reach higher than before. Find all of this and more on Prairie View’s adventure course. 

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The labyrinth is an ancient tool for meditation or prayer consisting of a winding path that begins at the periphery and leads to a central place, then out again by the same path. Unlike a maze, there are no blind alleys or dead ends. As a therapeutic tool, the labyrinth provides willing participants with a multi-sensory experience in which to reflect on problems, questions or issues from various perspectives. Mental and physical benefits include relaxation, quieting of the mind and relief from stress and anxiety.

The labyrinth is located on the northwest corner of Prairie View’s Newton campus. Parking is available in Lot C. To schedule a time to walk the labyrinth, please call 316-284-6443 or 316-284-6365.