My Worst Day

You might think my worst day was the day I permanently scarred myself hoping to score more painkillers. But it wasn’t. I didn’t think I was much different from anyone I grew up with or who lives in my hometown. […]Read More

Reasons for Opioid-Free Pain Management

By Dera Harvey, MSN, RN According to the Institute of Medicine, “over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain which is more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined” (1). This number does not account for the number of people […]Read More

A Patient’s View

At Prairie View, we are transformed by the patients we meet each day. We always talk about transformative treatment, but transformation is not one-sided. We were blessed recently by a letter from a patient who had spent time in our […]Read More

Pornography: Is It Addictive?

By Gail Unruh-Revel, LSCSW, CSAT, CST, director of Prairie View’s Sexual Health Services Originally published in A New View Spring/Summer 2015 “My husband lies. I can’t deal with it anymore. I feel like he’s cheating on me.” “I promise to […]Read More

Recreational Drug Use

By Cody Beaton, LMSW, LAC, director of the Addictions Treatment Center at Prairie View A simple question often asked in the world of addiction is How can one person stop using while another cannot? But the answer isn’t so simple. […]Read More

Dealing with Shame and Guilt

By Sharon Laudick LCMFT, LCAC Several years ago, a client (“Scott”) in alcohol/drug treatment from an agency other than the Addictions Treatment Center at Prairie View came to my office and said something profound: “The thing I am most afraid […]Read More