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Sexual Health

Pornography: Is It Addictive?

“My husband lies. I can’t deal with it anymore. I feel like he’s cheating on me.” “I promise to stop viewing and do so for awhile, but then I go back to it.” “I don’t even enjoy it anymore, but I find myself viewing in between working on projects.” For many of us, the term…

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Let’s Talk About Sex!

Did you know that most children have had some sort of conversation with a peer about sex by the time they are 8 years old? And did you know that most children have viewed pornography by the time they are 14 years old? And did you also know that most adolescents will never bother to…

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After the Affair

By Gail Unruh-Revel, LSCSW, CSAT, CST If you just learned your partner had an affair, you are most likely wondering how on earth you can possibly handle this. You may be asking yourself, “How can I live with my partner when I know he or she has been with someone else?” You may also be…

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Transcending Sexual Addiction

In Kansas and across the country, psychiatrists and therapists are helping an increasing number of people confront a debilitating and difficult disorder: sexual addiction. What is sexual addiction? Sexual addiction is characterized by compulsive sexual patterns, including intense sexual preoccupation, rituals, and sexual behavior, all of which serve as an escape from persistent or painful…

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