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Aging Gracefully: Keys to Healthy Living for Older Adults

April 24, 2017

In the spring/summer 2017 issue of A New View, Joan Brubacher, LSCSW, gave ten tips for healthy living for older adults. Here, she expands on how focusing on your social, emotional, physical and spiritual health can help you age gracefully.

The Power of Thought

April 14, 2017

Our thoughts affect both our physical and our mental health, as well as our attitudes, behaviors, happiness, relationships and success.

Speaking for Yourself

April 11, 2017

I cannot imagine how his world changed—that man born blind, a beggar and then had his sight restored by Jesus.

Insomnia and Your Brain

March 13, 2017

Recently researchers have described insomnia as a problem of your brain being unable to stop being awake. It is often triggered by an illness or an event that causes physical or psychological distress.

Beginning to Stand Up

March 2, 2017

We begin the season of Lent this week. For forty days, Christians all over the world will prepare themselves for the passion of Jesus, his death and resurrection.

Love from the Inside (Another View)

February 14, 2017

Contrary to the billion-dollar greeting card industry, Valentine’s Day is not only about syrupy messages, flowers and candy—although I do love chocolate!