A Woman’s Battle with Burnout

March 10, 2022

While a woman’s multitasking abilities can be a positive skillset, with these skills comes a greater risk of experiencing emotional, mental and physical burnout.

Burnout is universal, but the impact on women is far greater for two reasons:

  1. Women undergo a larger emotional toll from balancing responsibilities inside and outside of the home with cultural expectations that follow suit 
  2. Women make daily decisions based on both fact and feeling, while men are genetically prone to only assessing the facts

Women are wired to make emotional decisions—it’s part of what makes them valuable, but also easily drained. 

Burnout commonly affects women who are mothers, but women of all ages can experience burnout in some capacity during different stages of life.

Alongside the reality of a woman’s responsibilities comes expectations. Not only must women do it all, but they feel like they must do it all perfectly. Balancing responsibilities and expectations can take a heavy toll on a woman’s health, leaving her feeling unmotivated and defeated.

How to Battle Burnout

Though it may seem impossible, there are several practical ways to battle burnout.

The first is to recognize that you are burnt out. Awareness is the first step to finding a solution. Signs of emotional burnout may include self-doubt, hopelessness, high irritability, loneliness or lack of energy or motivation, all factors that may transfer negatively into relationships with family and friends.

Second, it must be understood that the expectations for women are unrealistic. Don’t let social media make you feel like a failure if you manage your home differently than the woman next door. Give yourself permission to ditch perfectionism and embrace the mess!

Lastly, women experiencing burnout must ask for help. Women tend to resent help to remain in control of the situation, fulfill pressured gender norms or avoid the feeling of failure.

How to Get Help

Burnout is particularly dangerous for women because they are emotional processors. Attempting to do it all and do it all perfectly may result in an emotional overload.

It is important for women to realize that they are not alone. Reaching out to others and prioritizing self-care can be helpful sources of rejuvenation.

If you or a loved one feel overwhelmed by the emotional toll of everyday life, professionals at Prairie View are equipped to help you effectively battle your burnout. Call 1-800-992-6292 to schedule an appointment and address any questions or concerns regarding your own experience with burnout.