Academic Burnout in College Students

May 15, 2022

Out of a study surveying 33,000 students, 50% affirmed that they have experienced anxiety or depression during their college years. A total of 83% of these students felt that their failing mental health limited their academic performance.

As the end of the semester is drawing near, college students are beginning to feel the pressure of meeting deadlines, studying for finals, moving out, and saying goodbye to friends. The pressure to succeed is high, leaving many students facing mental health crisis. 

Graduates are nearing their transition into the real world, adding new concerns to the already lengthy list of responsibilities. Beginning a new phase of life is exciting, but the unknowns of the future can be overwhelming.

This combination of uncertainty and responsibilities often leads to burnout—chronic stress that causes extreme fatigue and loss of academic motivation. It is crucial for college students to support their mental health by recognizing the warning signs of burnout.

Warning Signs of Burnout in College Students

  • Loss of academic enthusiasm
  • Energy depletion 
  • Decline of academic success (lower grades than normal)
  • Physical warning signs (headaches, stomach aches, and fatigue)
  • Increased levels of stress and anxiety

Students deal with burnout differently. Some grow overwhelmed, lose motivation, and watch their grades decline rapidly. Others try to tackle burnout on their own, which only leads to further strain on their mental health. 

College is an influential phase of life, and that is why learning to prevent burnout now helps prevent further burnout in the future. 

How to Prevent Burnout

  • Learn to say no
  • Develop good time management skills 
  • Prioritize sleep and exercise
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Set realistic goals
  • Remember to still have fun

Though these lifestyle adjustments are helpful, there is no simple solution to beating burnout. Some students experiencing burnout may need a long-term solution, such as taking time off from school or changing majors. 

If you are an overwhelmed college student trying to balance work, school, and life, you are not alone. Burnout shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your exciting college years. Prairie View has resources available to help you find effective ways to manage academic anxiety and chronic burnout. Call us at 800-992-6292 for more information.