Make a Brain Boosting Smoothie

February 2, 2023

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to pack a lot of nutrients into your diet. This one features foods to boost your brain power.

1 C. Water (or your milk of choice)
1 Banana: High in antioxidants, bananas contain serotonin and dopamine which improves memory and attention.
Handful of Blueberries: So good for you! Blueberries contain flavonoids that help with learning and memory, and the antioxidants neutralize free radicals that can damage brain cells.
1/2 Avocado: Avocados contain monosaturated fat and provide minerals and vitamins known to support brain health and cognitive function.
Ground Flaxseed: These seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to be mood lifting and possibly help combat depression.
Ice cubes

You can use other fruits and even add kale or spinach if you want some greens, too.