The Importance of Routines During Spring Break

March 8, 2023

Spring break offers a much needed break from school-related responsibilities. And while it’s a time that most students look forward to, the loss of schedule and routine can be difficult for some youth.

Schedules and routines offer dependability, feelings of safety, structure, and expectations for students. Those living with anxiety, depression and ADHD, in particular, benefit from structure. Fear can start to build when kids don’t know what to expect. When that fear is prolonged, anxiety occurs. Kids who feel no sense of direction or purpose can start to develop clinical depression. For a child who feels restless, knowing when there is a chance for movement coming up can make the current task bearable.

Routines also support healthy social emotional development. They help kids develop self-regulation skills. Students are better able to identify feelings so they don’t feel overwhelmed. They’re also better equipped to adapt to challenges, stressors and new expectations.

So how do you feel foster your child’s mental health during spring break? Implement some structure throughout the day by being consistent with:

  • Wake up time
  • Meal times
  • TV/Screen time
  • Sports or other activities
  • Chores
  • Play time
  • Bed time

Enjoy spring break, take care of your mental health, and return to school with a refreshed mindset.