How We Can Help

Prairie View provides evidence-based mental health services, including hospitalization, outpatient services, a community support program, adventure course, accredited special purpose school and more.

Adult Services

From family therapy to neuropsychological testing, we offer a wide variety of mental health services for adults and adolescents.

Child & Youth Services

With a variety of services, Prairie View is here to provide care for your child and offers both residential and outpatient programs.

Older Adult Services

Our complete range of mental health services can help older adults have a better understanding of life’s changes.

Substance Use Services

Our treatment options for adults and youth will help you overcome addiction and substance abuse struggles and guide you on the path to recovery. We provide individual, group and family therapy.

Psychiatric Hospital

We provide inpatient psychiatric care, partial hospitalization (or day hospital), and intensive outpatient treatment options for adults and older adults through our psychiatric hospital in Newton, Kansas.