All outpatient appointments are now provided via telehealth due to COVID-19. To schedule an appointment and meet with a clinician from the comfort of your home, please call 800-992-6292. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 800-362-0180.


Trauma-Informed Approach

Trauma-informed care acknowledges the need to understand a patient’s life experiences. A trauma-informed system will not only hold you accountable for your actions, but also give you space and time to process what happened to you. It creates a safe environment, builds relationships and connectedness, and supports and teaches emotional regulations.

Core principles of a trauma-informed approach in a healthcare setting include:

  • Patient Empowerment: Using individuals’ strengths to empower them in the development of their treatment
  • Choice: Informing patients regarding treatment options so they can choose the options they prefer
  • Collaboration: Maximizing collaboration among health care staff, patients and their families in organizational and treatment planning
  • Safety: Developing health care settings and activities that ensure patients’ physical and emotional safety
  • Trustworthiness: Creating clear expectations with patients about what proposed treatments entail, who will provide services and how care will be provided