Patients seeking mental health services at our Newton, McPherson, and Hillsboro offices are encouraged to walk into the Newton office on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to be seen for an initial evaluation. Medicaid, uninsured, and other insurance accepted.


Driving Capacity Evaluation for Older Adults

For most people, driving represents freedom, control and competence. We don’t all retain the ability to drive a car throughout our lifetime. Physical disabilities, mental illness, medications, loss of vision or frailty can end anyone’s driving career prematurely. Not being able to drive is a hassle, but remember that safety is the most important issue, including the safety of others.

Prairie View’s Driving Capacity Evaluation is a brief outpatient screening evaluation that can be helpful in identifying the potential of a serious driving problem. This one- to two-hour evaluation includes a brief interview and the completion of the Useful Field of View Test. 

The evaluation will: 

  • Measure attention/concentration and visual processing speed.
  • Assess the risk of having a motor vehicle accident due to impairment in these areas.

Services are provided to individuals with, but not limited to, traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, psychiatric conditions, medication effects and other medical conditions.

Following the assessment, the results are discussed with the client and appropriate family members/caregivers. If deficits are identified, then recommendations are made at this time. Some options include: the need to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist, no night driving, speed or traffic environment restrictions, or the need to cease driving.

Driving Capacity Evaluation