Patients seeking mental health services at our Newton, McPherson, and Hillsboro offices are encouraged to walk into the Newton office on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to be seen for an initial evaluation. Medicaid, uninsured, and other insurance accepted.


Life Transitions Program

Some psychological problems appear late in life or tend to reoccur over a lifetime. Older adults dealing with retirement, chronic pain, increased medical problems, cognitive impairment, loss of loved ones, and grief can suffer from a variety of psychiatric conditions.

The Life Transitions Program is an outpatient program designed specifically for adults ages 55 and older to improve quality of life and promote skill development to cope with various life challenges. It may be useful for individuals with significant depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders and individuals who want to work on coping better with life transitions, such as death, loss, retirement, etc.

Goals of the Life Transitions Program:

  • Improve psychiatric symptoms
  • Teach transitional life skills/tools
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Promote independent functioning
  • Adjust to acute or complicated losses

Group members are often very supportive of one another, leading to better outcomes.

Costs are generally covered by Medicare and other insurance companies. Prairie View’s financial counselors will work to establish affordable monthly payments if Medicare or other providers do not cover total costs.

This group currently meets online on Thursday mornings from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.